Fresh content ideas for web developers

Video is one of those content types that every brand should be investing in and creating, but they’re not. If there’s one thing social media platforms have been telling us over and over again, it’s that video consistently generates more engagement, and they prioritize video content in our audiences’ newsfeeds.

How-to content offers step-by-step, process-driven information to help your audience do something better. It’s specific and to the point. As a bonus, how-to content is naturally Youtility-based content, meaning that it helps instead of hypes, so it’s going to do a great job of building affinity. Really, it’s win-win for both your audiences and you brand.

That said, I don’t have much trouble coming up with new ideas. I came up with a system a while ago that made it easy for me to constantly source new topics to write about.  These strategies aren’t limited to blog posts.

Ideally, every business website should deliver new content weekly (or more frequently). But brainstorming for new posts can be challenging. We’ve put together a list of website content ideas to help you fill your editorial calendar.

1. Brand Goals

Start the new year with renewed energy. Create content that establishes your brand goals for the coming year.

Share loyalty programs, new products in the works, or improved customer service policies.

2. Discounted Items

Use content to promote large discounts on old inventory to “make way for new products.”

You can create content around Valentine’s Day or New Year’s resolutions to promote your gear or Assistenza lavatrice Whirlpool Monza .

3. Listicles

Listicles, a portmanteau of the words “list” and “articles,” are among the most popular post types because they’re easy to scan and quick to read.

Give your followers 10 tips, 9 ways, 5 reasons, 8 signs, or, you know, 52 website proper content ideas.

4. Feature Celebrity

Showcase a rock star, actor, athlete, or another celebrity related to your industry that will resonate with your target audience.

5. Giveaway

Online contests or giveaways are always an excellent way to drum up engagement.

Run a contest on your website asking users to follow your social media pages or ‘like’ your posts.


6. Industry News

Use Google Alerts to curate daily industry news snippets from around the globe. You can also share newsworthy Twitter posts to score points with your fans.

7. Employee Appreciation

Introduce a new hire on your team or celebrate a key employee from the customer call center or help desk pachete de promovare .

You can share a professional-quality image of the person in their element and use this opportunity to foster a deeper connection with your audience.

8. Video tutorial

Videos have become another popular content format that businesses should get into. You can communicate in a way that isn’t possible with other media and also benefit from video marketing.

You can demonstrate how to use your product and service. Or you can share the success stories of your customers.

9. Book review

Write a review on a “must-read” book for business owners, entrepreneurs, or startups that has helped and inspired you and is relevant to your audience.

10. Informative post

Look out for your audience and share information that might be helpful for them.

For example, online security is a massive concern for many shoppers. You can write a post that explains what you do to ensure website security and offer steps or tips for your readers to protect their privacy and security.


People love a good quote.

If you’re looking for ways to connect with your audience or demonstrate authority, share quotes that resonate with your goals.

You can share famous or funny quotes or even collect inputs from influencers and thought leaders in your field and create a “Quote of the Day” image to share on your blog and social channels.

12. Resource Page

Create a resource page (like Unbounce did) that includes all your how-to posts or guides, categorized by topics.

13. Interviews

Interview someone in your niche. It could be an employee, a colleague, a loyal customer, an expert, or a social influencer. And if there’s a tie-in, explain how your products or services contributed to their success.

14. Business Page Update

Refresh your website and business pages  —  Yelp, Google+, Google My Business,, Yahoo Local,, and Insider Pages  —  with helpful information, ratings, and maps.

15. Easter roundup

If the Easter season is around the corner, this week could be an excellent time to offer readers decorating ideas, recipes for family gatherings, or interesting facts about celebratory events.

Not every post needs to be about your business  —  doing so will likely push away readers  —  so offer them something of value that has nothing to do with your bottom line.

16. Checklists

Many people confuse checklists with listicles and vice versa. Both are easy to scan, but checklists are often more practical. They help people keep track of information so they won’t forget woxcars anything.

If springtime is starting, share a checklist for a little digital spring cleaning.

17. Customer Review

Nine out of 10 consumers trust customer reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends assistenza lavastoviglie Bosch .

Highlight a customer review and invite your loyal followers to submit their own.

18. Q&A

Host a Q&A session about your product or service and interact with your customers.

Ask customers to send in questions via Instagram, which you can address in a video or blog post to be uploaded on your website.

19. Podcasts

Podcasts are a series of episodic digital audio files that users can listen to. It is a popular way people learn and consume content.

While podcasts have been around for more than 20 years, they’ve only started gaining traction in the past five years, with platforms like Clubhouse and features such as Twitter Spaces emerging.

You can start your weekly or monthly podcast on your website to answer customers’ queries.

20. FAQs

Update your FAQ page so your readers can find quick answers to the most common issues.

And add a live chat widget for easy access to your company when customers want additional information about escorte milf .

21. Neighborhood Guides

Link to informative local pages.

Better yet, write blogs to highlight local small businesses and non-profit initiatives despre noi . Share top 20 things to do in locations near your customers.

22. Job Hunting Tips

2021 was the year of ‘The Great Resignation,’ where workers left their jobs at historic rates. Experts expect the trend to continue into 2022.

Help your readers understand what makes a candidate stand out. Share new business openings in your industry and tips on updating resumes.

23. User-generated Content (UGC)

Are you running out of website content ideas?

Posting user-generated content (UGC) provided by your customers and clients may be the answer.

Besides giving you a much-needed content creation break, user-generated content builds trust and engagement between brands and followers, turning them into loyal customers.

Start an Instagram campaign that asks your followers to upload photos of them using your products. You can craft content around their responses and publish it on your website cake shop goran .

24. E-Books

E-Books are another great website content idea.

You can think of them as longer, more in-depth blog posts that come in a PDF format and are downloadable.

Create an e-book and use them as a lead generation tool — bonzo offer them for free in exchange for a customer’s email address.

25. Templates

What makes templates a good website content idea is that they provide a model that others can replicate to achieve the same results.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can offer free downloadable social media templates in exchange for an email address to build your email marketing list.

26. Infographics

Create a stunning infographic to help your readers learn visually.

You can design an infographic to explain complex topics or share recent statistics.

27. Testimonials

If you’ve been in business for a while and have a few clients under your belt, it shouldn’t be hard to ask for a testimonial.

You can also use testimonials to support a write-up presenting your product’s best features.

28. Twitter thread

A Twitter thread (also known as a tweetstorm) is a series of connected tweets from a single person. Instead of confining tweets to the 280-character limit, users can create a thread to tell a story or share information.

WordPress has a feature that allows you to publish blog posts as Twitter threads. Get more website visitors and subscribers by sharing your best blog content on a different medium.

29. Guest Posts

Build credibility with influencer relationships. Get an industry expert to guest post on your blog.

30. Polls

Encourage reader engagement by asking them via social media posts what type of content they would like to get from you. You can hold polls on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Post the poll results on your website for further discussion.

31. Teasers

Ask your readers for name suggestions for a new product. And include a teaser photo of it and a short, anticipatory write-up.

32. Memes

Add personality to your blog posts by incorporating memes.

Memes are humorous ideas, behaviors, or styles that share commentary on a particular culture  —  you could say they’re the internet’s inside joke.

You could create a personalized gayz meme by overlaying text over a photo or using a GIF-maker.

33. Content Audit

Part of keeping your content production flow moving is performing a content audit.

Remove outdated blog posts, social media posts, and webpages. Refresh photos and stats.

34. Article roundup

If you run out of website content ideas, consider putting together a roundup of favorite articles in your field from the past week.

Busy readers will appreciate the easily-digestible summaries to stay up to date.

35. Recap Posts

A recap is a summary that helps people recall events.

You can post a recap of a one-time event or monthly summaries of your most relevant news.

We hope this list of website content ideas inspires you, prevents writer’s block, and keeps your promovare online content fresh and engaging marketing digital .

36. Audio Books

Now that you’ve written your ebook, complement it with an audio version for your auditory learners. Adding an audio element to your content increases engagement and time spent interacting with content. See how adding audio articles (not quite audio books, but similar) to our own site increased time on site.

37. Hand-Written Notes, Sketches, and Brainstorms

Some solo marketers may not have the luxury of a designer on hand. There are times when images of sketches, written notes, and brainstorms work well to illustrate your concepts.

38. Surveys

Surveys are perfect for gathering data you can use in research-based content. They’re also great for getting to know your audience’s needs, so you can create even better content. Use surveys when your readers and customers sign up and unsubscribe to understand areas where you can improve.

But good content is nothing if you give your kxm website visitors a bad experience by slow load times.

If your continuing education is anything like mine, you’re reading new material constantly to stay ahead of the curve. When you read something amazing that your customers will love, share it with your audience.

Just as successes are fun for your audience to read, outlining techniques that don’tt work well is also interesting because there is an element of controversy to this type of content that people crave. Turn a generally-accepted-as-true idea into a lie, and people will read.